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grs family adventureIn recent years, adventure holidays have become increasingly popular. The days of lounging for a couple of weeks on a beach somewhere are long gone. As most of us become more aware of our health – and work in increasingly sedentary jobs – the need to get active on holiday is important to many of us. But what about those of us with kids? Getting them to school or going to the store can seem like an adventure some days, so is an “adventure holiday” a good plan and what do you need to make it go smoothly?

Perfect Picks: Locations

Adventure holidays might conjure up images of kayak trips down the Amazon, climbing Machu Picchu or making it to Everest Base Camp. However, if you’ve got young ones, it’s best to be a little more realisitc! Choosing the right location which offers lots of opportunities for getting out, about and active but doesn’t require additional Sherpas to carry the diapers and/or the kids, are ideal. National Parks across both the US and Canada offer family-friendly options for those who want to take the kids on active holidays, without having to learn the art of extreme child care.

The Low Cost Alternative

DIY adventure holidays may be better kept closer to home; many state and national parks offer a range of camping and bicycling options specifically designed for families. These are ideal for first-time adventurers on a budget; but what about all that equipment? Well, when you total up the tents, balance the budget on the bikes and get the bill for the boots, it can certainly add up. The holiday that should be low cost suddenly seems like less of a cost-effective option. But that’s where vacation equipment rental comes in!

Whether it’s bike racks or rooftop cargo holds, canoe racks or camping gear, you can rent much of what you need from an equipment rental company. Compared to buying, renting makes plenty of sense, especially if this is your first family adventure holiday.

Don’t forget that for kids, adventure doesn’t have to mean scaling mountains or crossing the Arctic.  For kids, adventure can mean running on the beach, cycling on a forest trail or splashing in a secluded swimming hole. Kid-size adventure can be had in surprisingly simple activities. They can also unleash the big kid in you! Consider activities that suit the ages of your kids, let them lead the adventure and see where it takes you!