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No Garden? No Problem! How to Grow Tomatoes Without a Garden

You do not need to have access to an extravagant garden in order to grow the best tomatoes. One of the ways to successfully grow tomatoes without a garden available, is to grow them in a bag. They sell bags specifically for growing various plants, and tomatoes do great in them because of the added flexibility that the bag provides. You can move them from area to area in order to ensure that they are in direct sunlight at all times.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can grow tomatoes in what is called a ‘grow bag’ so that you can ensure that they are always in direct sunlight.
  • Using a hanging tomato planter is a simple way to grow juicy tomatoes right from your own home.
  • Many pots now have self-watering features so that they require very minimal upkeep to thrive.

“There are plenty of ways to grow tomatoes without a garden, and one of these four methods is sure to suit your individual space and needs.”

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