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Smaller utility mechanization and equipment is getting to be more versatile than ever. Jobs that used to require a crew to be completed, now can be done with one, multi-functional piece of equipment. Skid steers are one such utility machine, and now you can have one in mini size. It is correct to say that it revolutionized the landscape and planting industry. Their small weight means that the impact on the turf is minimized and maneuverability is excellent.

Key Takeaways:

  • The smaller size of mini skid steers produces less stress on turf and greater access to tight locations.
  • Wheeled units are slightly faster and take up less space, but tracked units gain more traction.
  • A universal mount plate enables the quick and easy changing of attachments.

“If anyone wants to take their landscape installation business to the next level, the mini skid steer is the easiest way to increase net profit.  It can do the work of at least three to four men, and it never gets tired and never complains.”

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