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Landscaping with rocks takes some imagination

As you can imagine, landscaping is an extremely difficult job and profession for anyone that wants to get involved. With that being said, it can be a very lucrative business if someone owns their own company and have a lot of work. Nowadays, many people are trying to get creative with the aesthetics outside of their houses. This has seen an introduction of rocks included in landscaping. Having rocks in the landscape make it a bit more imaginative.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hardscaping, or landscaping with rocks, is a good choice for areas that are naturally low in natural water.
  • Though a well-devised rockery can be expensive, it does not require watering, the yard will always look “done” and the final effect is fire-proof.
  • Colorful mosaics, which catch the light and have enormous eye-appeal, can be a good choice for a garden that relies less on greenery.

“To add interest, they decided to use geometrical shapes when laying out the rocks. They did plant some myoporum, a low-growing evergreen plant, as a ground cover for an area in front of the house. They also used various types of ice plant to add color and a large variety of succulents and tropical plants for shapes, colors and texture.”

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