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This talks about how you can plant in such a way that you save water. Your yield will also increase. Gardening can be very therapeutic but in some areas water is a problem. Being able to save it can make a lot of difference. It can help also if you live somewhere that requires water rationing. Some towns have this in times of drought. If you can save water you might not have to give up gardening.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intensive planting helps to solve common garden problems like soil compaction, drainage issues, and poor yield
  • In addition, it helps to conserve water, reduce labor, and crowd out weeds, making gardens more sustainable
  • It’s lush, healthy, water-wise, and productive. And it’s so crowded that weeds don’t have a chance!

“Mulching and thinning the plants as necessary to prevent disease and pests is also critical because tightly planted gardens also have reduced air circulation.”

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