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It is natural for lawns to become compacted overtime due to repeated rainstorms and other forms of moisture. This compacting can prove problematic, as nutrients then have trouble making their way into the actual grass. Aeration methods such as a core aerator works by removing the small plugs of compaction within your lawn. Some of these plugs are up to 3/4ths inches in diameter, so it is no wonder how it can prevent necessary nutrients from entering the surface.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soil can become compacted by heavy rain and just walking on it.
  • Core aerators remove small plugs form the soil; there are also spiking and slicing units.
  • Well aerated soil is less susceptible to disease and thatch build-up.

“Aeration immediately opens up the soil to air, water, and nutrients. The openings allow air penetration and better water movement, and give plant roots a place to stretch out and grow to become more vigorous and dense.”

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