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Floor sanding is done with two machines, the drum sander and the edger, which have different uses. The drum sander, operated from a standing position does the majority of the floor, but cannot get too close to the walls. For areas next to the wall or areas too shallow for a drum sander you use the edger, which you operate while kneeling. Here are instructions for how to operate each machine and tips for using them to sand your floors.

Key Takeaways:

  • An edger is used to sand around the edge of a room and is best used for areas that are very shallow.
  • You always must begin at the left wall because of the motion the machine moves in.
  • Sand the room in a clockwise manner as that is the way an edger runs.

“The drum sander looks like a cross between a vacuum and a lawn mower, but you can’t move it across the floor in a vacuuming or mowing pattern. At any given second in time drum sanders are designed to cut a divot into the wood of your floor that is 8″ wide by 1/2″ long.”

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