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Leaf blowers come in a variety of sizes and styles– check out True Value equipment rentals for more info. Do your research before getting the one that is right for your yard. It is best to wait till the leaves are fairly dry and the wind is calm before you begin to use the leaf blower. It will make the job easier. Working in one direction, so you don’t have to backtrack, blow the leaves towards the spot where you would ideally have them all end up. Try not to be to fussy about getting all of them. You can use a rake to pick up any stragglers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The easiest time to use a leaf blower is when the leaves are dry and there’s no wind.
  • Proper technique employs a smooth back-and-forth motion while walking slowly with the blower in front of you.
  • For safety purposes, wear eye and ear protection when operating a leaf blower.

“There are plenty of options for leaf blowers on the market, so how does one narrow down the field?”

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