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Selecting the right skid at your jobsite involves thinking about everything that is needed for the job as well as jobs done in the future. Some places like to get the largest horsepower in an effort to save money by making sure every job can be done. This can be a waste of resources if the jobs will typically need a smaller skid. You want to make sure the skid has good compatibility with nice attachments. You’ll also want to make sure the operator is comfortable and any automation needs will be met.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some companies rent the largest skid with the assumption that it will be best to handle every job.
  • You should only rent a larger horsepower machine if you believe you will need it for larger jobs and bigger attachments.
  • You will also want to account for how well attachments are rated to work with the machine. You’ll want your operator to be comfortable and the machine to allow for automation.

“The pushing power and tractive effort for the job will determine the horsepower needed”

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