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It can be difficult to remove wall paper but it doesn’t have to be, you can get it done with a few tools as long as you remember safety and follow directions. Some wallpapers can be pulled away just from pulling on them but that’s not always the case, sometimes steam is necessary to break the adhesive bond it has to your wall. If you start at a seam or corner and start to pull and there is no tearing or damage to the wall underneath, you may not need steam to remove it.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to remove wallpaper, you will need solvent, sheeting, TSP, a spackling compound, sandpaper, a perforating tool, scraping tools, a steamer and rubber gloves.
  • Before you remove the wall paper you’ll need to prepare the room. Remove all of the electrical plates, telephone jacks and any wall obstructions. Tape over outlets and switches for extra protection.
  • After you remove the wallpaper, the best way to clean a wall is to mix hot water with a small amount of TSP and dip a sponge in it and wipe it down.

“Some wallpapers, particularly the foil and water-resistant types, are strong and made with glues that easily release when they are pulled away from the wall.”

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