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Climate change doesn’t just mean higher temperatures, it means severe weather. Which makes it more important for you to know how to protect yourself from property damage. If you have a swimming pool, shut off the power before a storm. Do not drain it: the water will keep the pool anchored to the ground. Maintain your gutters and remove overhanging branches. Make sure your backyard slopes away from your home. Remove trees that are diseased, dead, or otherwise at risk of falling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons have an idea of what to do when there is a storm or disaster but have no idea how to protect their property.
  • When storms strike many people take care to unplug any electrical device or appliance in the home but have no idea what to do with the exterior.
  • It is estimated that home owners want to add a swimming pool to their homes because the swimming pool industry has grown by 3.8 percent.

“Thanks largely to climate change, hurricanes, high winds, and other inclement weather patterns have become more prevalent throughout the United States.”

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