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Potted: Make Your Own Stylish Containers was written by two gardening experts after they spent a year of trial and error, using different materials to make pots that are both functional and eye catching. The 23 projects featured are easy and inexpensive to do. You are guided through the projects with photos and step by step instructions.. A potted plant can be a nice addition to your house or yard and can make you feel closer to nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Los Angeles DIY design experts Annette Gutierrez and Mary Gray, with a little guidance and effort, you can create your own indoor and outdoor plant containers.
  • Gutierrez and Gray’s book, “Potted: Make Your Own Stylish Containers” gives you instructions on how to repurpose yard sale finds and convert them into lovely one-of-a-kind containers.
  • In their book, Gutierrez and Gray give motivated DIY’ers 23 simple and economical projects using metals, driftwoods, and other decorative materials.

“When selecting a container, consider space. Assess the need of the plant and the limits you face.”

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