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There are lots of things you can do with the extra space around the bases of tree trunks. Once you’ve cleared away any stray weeds or grasses, you can start using this space. Consider planting some hostas, begonias, ferns or other tough, shade-living decorative plants. You should use mulch — whether made of wood chips, gravel, or even fabric materials — to protect the bases of your trees. Mulch can also help suppress the growth of weeds and regulate temperature and water levels in the soil.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a tree is planted right in the middle of a garden bed, it runs the risk of impacting the growth of everything surrounding it.
  • Mulch does not always pertain to just wood. It can also mean rocks, gravel, or even different types of outdoor fabric.
  • To fill empty spaces around the tree, you can plant accents instead of relying on flowers alone to fill the voids.

“Mulching around trees isn’t just a measure to prevent mowing damage—it also provides a small space to challenge eager gardeners and landscapers. Use the space around the base of trees (big or small) to add new flower beds and decorative landscaping details to the yard.”

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