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People with unreliable power supply understand the importance of a portable generator. It provides the electricity when you need it, as you wait for the power grid to be reestablished. When using the generator, you should consider several safety measures. Ensure that your generator is sized properly, based on the estimated electrical load you need. Undersized generator can lead to costly household appliance and equipment failure. Transfer switch can help avoid the overload condition and isolates the house and the generator from the main grid.

Key Takeaways:

  • An undersized generator that provides insufficient voltage can damage appliances and equipment.
  • Extension cords can be used, but they must be heavy duty and rated for exterior use.
  • Per the NEC, generators equipped with GFCI outlet receptacles must use GFCI-compatible switches.

“The safest way to use a portable generator for home power backup is to use it in conjunction with a manual transfer switch–a robust piece of electrical gear.”

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