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Edging a flower bed or a garden is one of the easiest ways to make your landscape look a lot more attractive. First you need to pick an edging tool that will allow you to dig into soil efficiently. Next you are to mark the edge of your flower bed or garden and start to create the edge by digging the soil. Finally, you can finish the edge with mulch or even brick edging. It is best to ask a professional for their advice before you actually finish the edging though. Finally, maintain the edge weekly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pick an edging tool and use this to start digging through your soil/dirt.
  • Create the edge of your bed by marking the edge first and then digging into the mark.
  • Finish the edge and if you’re unsure of how to do so, ask a landscaper for their opinion.

“That’s why Marchiafava recommends working with an experienced landscaper. “It’s a good idea to have a professional create the initial edge,” he says. From there, edging can keep its look with simple maintenance.”

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