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Want some advice from This Old House? If you’re thinking of giving your home some curb appeal by redoing the front lawn, you should do the walkway first so you don’t destroy any of the grass or plants you plan on putting in. Preparation is key to a good job. Consider using bluestone for your walkway, and use big pieces that match-up with your staircase — big pieces don’t drift out of place. Also, bluestone is rough so it won’t be slippery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use bigger stone to prevent drifting of the stone.
  • Break the concrete up to manageable sizes with a jack hammer. Try to not dig out more than you have to.
  • Put the waste into a bag for a recycling company to come and take it away.

“This is the new spot, we just bought it, we think we got a good deal, we see a lot of potential, but there are some issues with curb appeal.”