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The advantage of a sliding door on a chicken coop is to avoid moving or disturbing the straw or other material on the floor of the coop. A swing out door will slide the floor covering, which removes the insulation and bedding the animals like. With a sliding door, another advantage is how easy they are to make and install. No hinges, not tricky to balance, and anyone with even very basic woodworking skills can accomplish the task.

Key Takeaways:

  • A divided chicken coup has one room for storage (with an option for a brooder/nurser shelf) and, of course, another area to keep the females safe and warm.
  • Dividing the rooms allows the storage areas to use to separate some from the others, keeps both rooms warmer in the winter and the storage area clean from feathers, straw and dust.
  • A sliding door is a better option than an open wide door, in that it does not disturb the floor, just slide it across the wall.

“If I replaced the existing door with a sliding door, that problem would be solved. Far easier to just slide a door along the wall, than pull it open.”

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