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When it comes to basic plants and agriculture in our immediate surroundings, the use and benefits that they can provide is often understated due to the fact that they are often unknown. One of the most useful and beneficial things that can be harvested easily is that of pine needles, due to the fact that they have a wide array of health uses that can be implemented at one’s leisure, and create new ideas and concepts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you have pine trees around? If so, then great – you can harvest needles?
  • Why would you wish to do that, you ask? Well, pine needles have a ton of versatile uses.
  • From arts and crafts to home goods, pine needles will imbue everything with their woodsy scent.

“Gardeners with pine trees in the yard may consider the debris from dropped needles a nuisance; however, these conifer leaves are actually useful in many different ways.”

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