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Blue verbenas are a great type of flower. They use a certain type of flair that can catch your eye, particularly if you are using the right type of soil. You do want to make sure that your cross planting is going to make sense and it doesn’t do damage to the blue verbenas. Brazilian verbenas are going to add the right kind of setting to the overall garden, and you will likely get plenty of compliments, particularly if they are set up in organized rows.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many growers will note that Verbena is the perfect summer time plant. It grows well in warm weather and looks great around the house.
  • These plants are well known for their long bloom time once planted. That makes these species very popular among smart growers in the area.
  • Get to know the different varieties of Verbena now being grown by cultivars. That will educate growers and keep them in the know with these plants.

“While verbena differences can be quite marked from one variety to the next, nearly all kinds of verbena will provide you with flowers from spring through the summer and even into fall.”

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