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Leaf blowers come in two types: gasoline powered, and electricity powered. Electricity powered leaf blowers are further divided into two subcategories: corded leaf blowers, and cordless leaf blowers. Corded electric leaf blowers are lightweight, quiet, and great for lawns or for small areas. However, the reach for these tools is narrow, so a corded leaf blower would not be well-suited to cover a substantial area. For those looking for the most powerful leaf blower on the market, gasoline powered would be the best option.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corded electric leaf blowers are limited in range by the length of their cord, but may be good options for households with small yards.
  • Battery-powered leaf blowers offer better range than corded models, but their batteries may not last a full hour.
  • Gas leaf blowers provide more power, but can be bulkier and more difficult to maintain.

“Because corded leaf blowers rely on AC-electrical power, they tend to be much quieter than the noisy gas-powered leaf blowers, and they put out no harmful emissions.”

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