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Garden Notes: The birds are returning

Now that it’s March, spring has almost sprung and that means flocks of birds are preparing for the upcoming breeding season. Milder temperatures make it the perfect time to do our part by cleaning out the birdfeeders and houses. In certain areas, it’s necessary to bring in hanging feeders at night so as not to attract the bears. Also, this season can bring heavy downpours, which can lead to flooding and serious harm to the soil. Conditions such as these will call for some sponge gardening and seed starting. It’s extremely important to expose your seedlings to plenty of light, natural and/or artificial, for the greatest success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Birds are returning to find peace. The truth of the matter is that they may even return to a colder climate. We need to know where to find the nests.
  • Birds need to know where their homes are. You have to be able to find companies that understand bird migration, through different types of research.
  • Birds can get cold. Birds can get infectious diseases in places where they are not meant to habitat. The truth of the matter is that you want to make sound choices when it comes to bird preservation

“Birds are flocking back in preparation for the coming breeding season.”

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