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Even an amateur can use elements of garden design to make their green spaces look better. One important consideration is garden “texture,” which refers to the impression or presence conveyed by a plant. The two types of texture are bold/coarse — eye-catching, attention-grabbing plants — and fine — which refers to more subtle, understated plants. Ideally, you should seek a balance between bold and fine plants, since a big imbalance in favor of either one can detract from your garden’s appearance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons think that only landscape architects can create lush and beautiful spaces around their homes but this is not true.
  • Garden texture is a very important element in garden design and it refers to the feel or tactile surface of the flowers.
  • Some of the advantages of gardening with texture is that the gardener can create gardens that are diverse and that can offer curb appeal that is fantastic.

“By considering elements such as plant needs, sunlight requirements, and plant texture, growers are able to craft garden spaces specifically suited to their needs.”

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