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Due to protection laws in place, the white tailed deer has exploded in numbers throughout Pennsylvania in the last few decades. They love to eat vegetables grown in home gardens while leaving hoof prints and droppings behind. Putting up physical barriers around vegetables, fencing around landscaping and constant vigilance can combat this destruction. There is also changes being made in the legislation allowing hunting of deer due to the fact that most of their natural predators are gone, this can help control the population as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • In some states, such as Pennsylvania, deer are starting to become a nuisance, even if it is the state animal.
  • When European settlers first arrived, the deer population consisted of 8-10 deer for every square mile… that has now reached a whopping 30 deer per square mile!
  • Two ways to keep the deer population controlled is to take advantage of deer hunting, and remember to keep food where food belongs, and NOT left outside to attract, deer .

“One remedy that I have not seen promoted is working with our legislators to get some of the deer laws changed; for instance, the one that protects does.”

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