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Refinishing hardwood floors in the home is a big job to handle. If you’re going to tackle it yourself make sure you have the assistance of a floor sander you can rent from your local rental store. Proper planning before you begin is just as important, so here’s a few tips to get started in the right direction.

Helpful Hints

  • Check fuse supply as machine may overload the circuit.
  • Remove furniture, rugs, curtains, pictures, and any other conveniently removable items.
  • Complete wall covering and painting project before you refinish the floor.
  • Provide adequate ventilation during sanding and refinishing.
  • If the room has a large doorway, cover it with a dropcloth or plastic covering.
  • Stuff extra towels or rags under bottoms of exit or closet doors and cover all air vents.
  • NEVER stop the sander with the drum in contact with the floor.
  • Wear clean soft footwear to avoid dirt marks and scratching.

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