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Homeowner Associations are a common committee with rules and regulations that set the tone and architectural responsibilities of home owners. When residents ignore the regulations set forth in the CC&Rs of the development, there are steps to take when resolving the issues. In many cases, the HOA is the party responsible for enforcement but most repercussions are spelled out in the CC&R. Enforcement steps can include fines and escalate to prosecution but in most cases, resolution can be achieved by rectifying the situation but leaving it to the HOA to handle can be costly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Statistics culled by suggest that 1 out of every 5 Americans lives under stipulations set up by a Homeowner’s Association.
  • While they may seem quaint, HOAs can literally evict homeowners for failing to maintain their residence, or lawn.
  • On a less drastic note, it’s more common for HOAs to fine homeowners a specific amount until they bring the problem, say a neglected lawn, up to code.

“As a homeowner, following the guidelines and not breaking the agreed upon rules when the property was purchased in the development is not only an ethical course of action, but a beneficial one as well.”

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