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Ever heard of a fashion azalea? No, this isn’t a new clothing type, but simply a variety of the much-loved shrub with bright red, captivating blooms. If you’d like to add these flowering bushes to your landscape design, there are a few basic things you should know. Possibly most importantly, the plant loves acidic soil, so be sure to use acidic fertilizer to help its growth. Beyond that, the plants are surprisingly hardy – and are specifically bred for cold tolerance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Interested in trying out a new addition to your garden? Consider planting some fashion azaleas.
  • These bright-red shrubs bloom throughout much of the year, lending beautiful color to your landscape.
  • Plus, they’re bred to be cold-tolerant, so they work well across a number of temperate climates.

“According to Fashion azalea information, this cultivar blooms in spring, fall, and winter, unless its progress is halted by a serious frost. The flowers remain on the branches long after they fade.”

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