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Using a Tree chipper has more uses than just removing old dead trees. When you are using a tree chipper you have the option to provide yourself with free natural mulch that can be used anywhere. Mulch helps keep the moisture in the soil as well as prevent soil from clumping together when it’s wet. If you use mulch with your plants it will help them from drying out and burning if the sun is too strong.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 12″ tree chipper is the most commonly used tree chipper and can break most tree branches.
  • Chipping your own wood allows you to create your own wood mulch.
  • Natural mulch from your chipper can help keep soil moist.

“Once you’ve pulled or backed the tree chipper into position, it’s important to complete a thorough walkaround to ensure that it is sitting on level ground and won’t allow any significant movement.”

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