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Attaching blue tape to your drill bit may be the most widely-used method of ensuring that the holes you drill are the right depth, but it’s easy for the tape to get mangled or pushed around on the bit, rendering it ineffectual. However, if you frequently drill holes of the sameness depth, it may be more effective to carve notches directly into the drill bit. This method is permanent, and the notches will be a lot more durable than tape.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that when it comes to drilling holes, he has tried all manner of gizmos but they have failed him.
  • He was a little miffed today while drilling holes because his blue tape slipped after the third mortise while drilling compound angles in a chair.
  • He found a solution by making two notches to the spade bit exactly just as he has been doing from the bottom of the bit’s spurs.

“For many years I’ve wished for a better way to drill holes to an accurate depth without putting blue tape on the bit.”

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