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Gardeners often think of the “wildlife” that their gardens promote, such as honey bees and butterflies. Dragonfly’s can add more color into your garden as their wings offer a variety of design and color. Dragonflies are also workhorses for any gardener, killing 100 mosquitoes a day. Dragonflies are attracted to ponds, you can purchase a kit, from your local gardening shop. Aquatic floating plants provide a place for dragonflies to lay their eggs, and then promote a perfect environment for the larvae until they can emerge as adults.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dragonflies are voracious predators of mosquitos, and can easily be enticed into your garden.
  • Dragonflies start their lives as aquatic nymphs, and can take up to 12 years to mature.
  • Waterlilies, pickerel weed and other aquatic plants can provide a good refuge for dragonfly eggs and nymphs.

“Encircle the pond, Christine advises, with large rocks that furnish roosting spots, and a shallow ditch planted with moisture-loving species such as sedges and rushes, as some dragonflies prefer that habitat.”

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