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Spreading pine needles on plant beds that are near the house can help cut down on the food source for termites. Wood mulch can be used to nurture other plant beds. Planting in pots can provide an opportunity to landscape with pots as well as types of stone and rock for a natural look, and pots will deter voles. Some landscaping plants are favorite foods for deer. Getting a dog can keep the deer away, but dogs are bad about digging in the garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dean Simmons is the primary designer of his yard and favors low-maintenance plants and decorations
  • Animals are often pests-deer like hostas, voles like to dig up plants, and so does his dog
  • Simmons’ yard is featured in the Mount Airy Blooms tour, a tour of gardens in the area

“As might be expected on a rambling property on the outskirts of town, deer can be a challenge.”

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