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Boom lift is a lesser known piece of equipment that can come very handy when you need to reach objects placed at an elevation. It can carry at least one person and it acts as a crane. Typically powered by hydraulics, they are sometimes self-propelled and easy to transport. A Boom is a perfect solution for high shelves in a warehouse environment. It is also often used for fruit picking or hanging the holiday lights, as well as servicing lighting fixtures. Many contractors use the lift for painting and exterior repair.

Key Takeaways:

  • You may not know it now or realize it, but you and your company need a boom lift
  • Hanging Christmas lights and reaching high merchandise are just one of the many functions you can use a boom lift for
  • Boom lifts are easy to transport and can be put on any flat bed truck

“Boom lifts are hydraulically powered, which means they operate because of the energy of a confined, pressurized liquid.”

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