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Ditch the sprinkler with these water-efficient landscaping ideas | Home improvement

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully landscaped property? That said, experts in the field have noted that getting to green in this particular case can be very not green. Green-efficient, that is. Water sprinklers, the go-to choice of many home-owners, are habitually wasteful, only getting about half of the H20 to where it’s supposed to go. Moreover, this is despite the fact that U.S. homeowners regularly use 300+ gallons of water, sending up to half the amount outside.

Rather than waste good old H20, there are envitonmentally positive steps that will aid in keeping plants moist and hydrated without wastefully over-drenching them in water.

Mulching, for example, doesn’t only feed plants it keeps them moist, much as decaying leaves in the forest do. As the organic matter undergoes decay a sort of textured canopy is created that keeps water trapped within.

Besides conserving water, consider creating a stunning exterior look that simply needs a lot less H20 to begin with. Use succulents, statuary, rocks, colored gravel, glass and metal ornamentation. Grass and live plants are lovely. But, why not have them as accents, rather than as the primary outdoor ‘look?’ In short, you can have a fab outdoor area with tons of eye appeal without over-watering, or even needing that much of the wet stuff to begin with.

Key Takeaways:

  • U.S. home-owners use more than 300 gallons of water daily, enough to almost fill 10 bathtubs.
  • Even more shocking, is the fact that about a third of those gallons are winding up on the lawn.
  • One way to avoid needing to half-drowning your plants with inefficient sprinklers, is to use mulching which keeps plants moist over time.

“Hardscaping, the collective name for stone features used to landscape a garden or exterior area, gets points for being drought-tolerant — and when used properly, can really add some modern verve to your lawn.”

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