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The thick, brittle nature of ceramic requires a special saw to cut. A wet tile saw, with its somewhat dull, non-serrated blade, is suited to the task. Table-mounted and portable, wet tile saws can trim tile edges on site. This type of saw features a diamond-cutting blade and water pump and reservoir. Jobs such as kitchen counter replacement are where tile saws come in handy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tiles saws that use water allow them cut repeatedly cut through thick, brittle, dry ceramic tile with ease.
  • Tile saws with motor and water pump allow continuous cutting that does not slow down a job.
  • The type of blade on a tile saw makes a big difference in how efficiently it cuts. A diamond blade is a must-have to handle larger jobs.

“An ordinary circular saw for wood or metal would either break the tile or get so hot that it would seize up and stop cutting.”

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