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A hydraulic hoist is mostly used for car repairs and engine lifting and is the most commonly used hoist in the world. These engines work with hydraulic cylinders and use fluid to lift. An electric hoist is used to lift heavier loads and is popular is saw mills and shops. Any load that is too heavy for a human, the electric hoist can do and it can work fully automatically. Finally, a chain hoist is also used for heavier loads but a person needs to manually pull a chain in order to lift which causes a slower lifting process. There are uses for all 3 of these hoists, it ultimately comes down to your needs for each specific project.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric hoist is a popular tool used to lift very heavy loads. They are normally found in sawmills and shops and are used in car service stations to lift loads too heavy for humans.
  • A Chain hoist needs to be operated manually but works like an electric hoist. The person pulls the chain in order to lift the load.
  • The type of hoist that you use really depends on your needs and where you will be using the hoist. If you have a heavier load, go electric, if you want something more versatile, go hydraulic.

“Hydraulic hoist is most used hoist for car repairs and engine lifting. These engine hoists works with hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinder uses liquid fluid for lifting job.”

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