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The online version of a California newspaper has an article about home playground safety. The article recommends building a playground for parents of young children, but has safety tips. The playground surface should be soft in order to lessen the impact of falls. The article recommends placing sand, wood chips, or rubber about six feet around the play structure. Pressure treated wood is no longer recommended. The structure should be away from trees and direct sunlight. It should be securely placed into the ground. A photo of a young child playing is attached.

Key Takeaways:

  • monitors playground injuries, noting that concussions, dislocations and fractures are among those injuries routinely sustained by children using playgrounds.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission observes that up to 70 percent of those injuries reported annually, as child-related, occur on playgrounds.
  • Parents wishing to create their own playground need to observe the 5 S’s of the playground: surface, site, structures, supervision and safety.

“When young children are part of a household, homeowners may benefit by designing yards that are both functional and fun.”

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