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Controlling Tomato Southern Blight: How To Treat Southern Blight Of Tomatoes

Are you an avid home gardener? If so, then surely tomatoes are part of your regular rotation. And, you probably also unfortunately are intimately familiar with some of the disorders that can affect tomatoes. One of these is Southern Blight, which can strike down otherwise healthy plants. In order to avoid it, start with good plants, cull diseased plants quickly to avoid spread, and prevent moisture-rich materials from building up around the plants, which can lead to conditions ripe for blight.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Southern blight of tomatoes is actually a fungal disease that can appear when there is a period of hot, dry weather followed by a warm rain.
  • In rare instances, southern blight of tomatoes can infect an entire bed of tomato plants, wiping out the entire lot within hours.
  • To prevent southern blight of tomatoes from taking over, stake your tomato plants, burn infected parts of your plants, and use mulch to create a thick barrier layer between the soil and foliage.

“This plant disease is serious business; southern blight of tomatoes may be relatively minor but, in some cases, a severe infection can wipe out an entire bed of tomato plants in a matter of hours.”

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