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When one has difficulty reaching the project he is doing and wants to place concrete directly from the concrete truck, a concrete buggy or a power buggy is the best alternative. Many buggies are equipped with hydrostatic drives, can go forward and backward, and come equipped with a hand lever that is used to dump the bucket. Provided one is on level ground, it is easy to steer concrete buggies. Compared to a wheelbarrow, a concrete buggy is much faster and easier. Also, a concrete buggy reduces the labor needed to deliver concrete. A concrete buggy gives one less chance for injury compared to a wheelbarrow, and a concrete buggy saves much time. The four types of power buggies, or concrete buggies as they are called are: walk behind buggy, ride on buggy, sit on buggy, and robotic buggy. Many persons have asked the question whether a concrete buggy with wheels is better than a concrete buggy with tracks. The answer is that concrete buggies with wheels are better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most concrete buggies in the market have a hydrostatic drive, and go forwards or backwards, with a foot and ladder to dump the bucket.
  • A power buggy has much advantages over a wheelbarrow because it can take 3500 pounds of concrete while a wheelbarrow can carry just 500 pounds of concrete.
  • A power buggy lowers the chances of having muscles strains and sprains, and can get the pour done much faster with less number of men.

“A concrete buggy, also known as a power buggy, is great for placing concrete when you can’t reach the project you’re doing, directly from the concrete truck.”

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