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The sugar cane plant typically only grows in sub tropical and tropical zones. The reason for this is most genus lines of the plant require a higher maintained average temperature to grow and produce as well as longer, more intense daylight , which is found near the Equator. However, there are varieties of the plant that grow in cooler climates. These varieties are not grown for consumption, but rather as decorative plants in the yard landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sugar cane is more successful to tropical and subtropical climates. Farmers find it difficult to make it survive in temperate cold climates.
  • Although sugar canes do not survive the cold, it is reported that one species, Saccharum arundinaceum, can survive the cold or is cold hardy.
  • Success have been found in growing sugar canes in the southernmost parts of the United States. Scientists though are looking for ways to translate that success farther north.

“A lot of success has been found in crossing species of sugarcane (Saccharum) with species of Miscanthus, an ornamental grass that has much greater cold hardiness.”

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