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When it comes to choosing the right skid steer, it really depends on the project that you are using it for. When choosing a particular skid steer you are going to want to know the operating capacity which means how much weight it can carry before it reaches it’s tipping point. You also want to know whether you need a small, medium or large skid frame. Finally, figure out what type of terrain you are going to be working on.

Key Takeaways:

  • The skid steer multi-faceted and ever-popular skid steer has been around since the late 50s.
  • The very first skid steer was a hand-fabricated original, created on a Minnesota turkey farm.
  • Today’s industrial-grade skid steer can include a lot of amenities, including adjustable seats, air-conditioning and noise reduction.

“Skid steers’ versatility means they’re able to tackle a range of construction applications — just not every application.”

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