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It’s very important for safety and efficiency to choose the right size of skid loader. Skid loaders have varying capacities on how much they can lift. Make sure you choose an option that can lift the load you need! The frame of the loader is another factor. Some of the external metal cages are bigger than others. Ensure the size and weight of the skid loader are appropriate. It shouldn’t crush any flooring, and should fit in spaces as needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Skid-steers wear many different hats in a construction site and are a valuable investment
  • Skid-steers can operate with different weight classes depending on their size
  • There are several different questions you’ll need to ask before choosing the right skid-steer for your group

“A small skid-steer loader is most able to maneuver in tight spaces and drive through narrow passageways, making it the best choice for interior work.”

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