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Cherry trees have very specific water guidelines — too little or too much rain can make for disappointment when spring finally arrives. Cherry trees can do well in rocky or sandy-loan soils with good drainage, but fare poorly in heavy clay soils. Drought stress can cause cherry trees to cut back on production of their distinctive flowers and fruit. However, more cherry trees probably die from too much moisture, which can promote the growth of harmful fungi, or even suffocate trees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Each year nothing tells us that spring has finally arrived as the beautiful, fragrant cherry blossoms that we look forward to.
  • The seasons can cause problems for cherry trees and cause them not to blossom. Especially too dry or wet seasons.
  • Cherry trees are particular about the soil they are grown in. They prefer sandy-loam or even rocky soils.

“Cherry trees can be very particular about their watering needs; too much or too little water can have drastic effects on the tree.”

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