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grs-mulcherIt’s just not practical for most people to own all the equipment that will be needed during the course of home ownership. Imagine how many thousands of dollars would be spent and how many garages would be needed to contain the many and varied pieces a homeowner may need. Who has the money, not to mention the space, to keep an air compressor, a tiller, lawn equipment, an assortment of ladders, scaffolding, power washers, chainsaws, wood chippers, garden equipment, car repair tools, shop vacs, pumps, painting equipment, cleaning equipment, trailers, mulchers, and so much more on hand at all times? Our equipment rental center here in Greensboro does.

Having a local Greensboro equipment rental center can be like having a fully stocked garage, with everything listed above and more, but without the cost and headache of ownership. Projects are sure to come up that require a wide range of tools and equipment, and instead of avoiding the project or spending big on purchasing, equipment rental is a great solution. Whether it’s the annual trip up a ladder to clean out the gutters, the springtime power washing of your deck or home exterior, or whether it’s time to deal with that wilting and unsightly tree,  you need the right equipment rentals in Greensboro to complete the job safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Depending on your situation, purchasing certain equipment is wise, but consider all the things that you use only once or twice a year, or maybe even less than that. Building a new fence will probably happen only once or twice in the life of your home, so a power auger would be better rented than bought. A tiller may be used annually, but its size and cost likely make renting a better option there as well. And, no matter how much you enjoy power washing, you must admit that it’s only needed periodically, too.

With a Greensboro equipment rental center on your side, you can enjoy using the best quality, up-to-date, and well-maintained tools without having to worry about where you’ll store them, when they might break down, or how you’ll pay for your kids’ college now that you’ve spent so much on outdoor equipment. Your local equipment rental center can be like a trusty neighbor who is always willing to help you out by lending you whatever you need to keep your home, yard, and garden looking great all year round.