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It’s not always necessary to purchase the equipment for a particular job. In many cases, especially one-off and smaller jobs, rented equipment will suffice. Boom lifts are among such pieces of machinery – they are more often rented than bought. However, it’s important to know what lift size will be appropriate for the job at hand before paying for the equipment.

Boom lifts come in two types: articulating and telescopic. Each variant is a better fit for different jobs. Articulating boom lifts feature a work platform connected to a jointed arm. The joints allow the arm to move into various positions, enabling the user to maneuver the platform horizontally and vertically. This mobility makes articulating lifts ideal for navigating obstacles and working in tight spaces.

Telescopic boom lifts have a straight arm without joints. They aren’t designed for maneuverability but rather for working on great heights. The difference between articulating and telescopic boom lifts in that regard is quite considerable. Whereas articulating lifts can reach up to 158 feet, telescopic models may reach 185 feet – a full 19 stories.

Certain lifts can surpass even those heights. For instance, some bucket truck models may extend vertically up to 320 feet.

Weight considerations are also important when choosing a boom lift. The most common capacities are 500 and 1,000 pounds, which will be more than enough for the majority of jobs. However, it’s important to know how much weight will need to be lifted before renting the lift.

Finally, the size of the platform will be a vital factor. Larger platforms allow for more comfortable work but may make it harder to reach restricted spaces. Smaller platforms will usually be the better choice since they can be used more flexibly. In addition, renting a boom lift with a narrower platform will cost less, and the size will be sufficient for most jobs.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Boom lifts have smaller vehicle bodies than bucket trucks, giving them greater maneuverability.
  • • Articulating boom lifts, also called knuckle booms, have jointed lifting arms.
  • • Telescopic booms lifts can reach about 19 stories high, more than articulating boom lifts and far more than scissor lifts.

“Telescopic booms lifts, also known as straight booms or stick booms, extend along a straight, unjointed lifting arm and provide easy access to aerial working locations both vertically and horizontally.”

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