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Compact loaders and mini skid steers are versatile, lightweight and strong. When using these pieces of equipment, it is imperative to practice safe loading and offloading. One expert advises keeping the heaviest end of the loader upward when on an incline. Wet, slippery ramps and uneven terrain present potential problems as well. Users of compact loaders testify to how they reduce the time needed to complete projects. Using the machines can also mean businesses don’t need to hire additional drivers. When driving mini skid steers, it is recommended that operators thoroughly read and understand the machine’s manual before use. While they aren’t super complicated, compact loaders do have some limitations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tools such as compact loaders and skid steers can do the same work as multiple people.
  • A key thing to consider when using this type of machinery is to make sure it’s being used safely.
  • When transporting a compact loader or mini skid steer, the best way to be able to move it from one place to another is on trailer that you back it on to.

“Manufacturers and users extol the virtues and versatility of these little brutes, especially when paired with any of a host of attachments.”

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