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Landscapers know that edging provides more benefits than just the clean and good looks of your landscaped areas. When edging areas around trees, you are effectively creating a zone that protects their trunks. This is especially important in areas where mowers can come in contact with the bark. For trees, most problems and diseases start because of some sort of damage inflicted in a mechanical manner. This is important to consider when you decide on how to landscape the area since it is tempting to dismiss edging as costly and unnecessary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bed edging can help keep mulch and landscaping materials in place which will help you save money in the long term
  • When you are edging you want to do so every two weeks during mowing season and use a 3 to 4-inch edge.
  • Some issues that come along with edging include poor turf quality, incorrect installation, and hitting an electrical line.

“If there is no tree ring around the trunk, mowers and string trimmers must get right up against its base to trim back turf.”

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