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Grafting a tree is not particularly hard, and the purpose in doing so is to attain high quality and quantity fruits in a shorter period of time than one would have to wait when growing one from a seed. One can graft an avocado at home, but the key is to make sure the green part of the graft and root, found just under the brown bark like layer, are touching securely, or else the graft will fail.Make sure to monitor watering to prevent dryness and during grafting, keep environmental temp around 80 degrees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grafting can be defined as the process whereby one joins the parts of two trees and makes them to grow as one.
  • Many gardeners want to graft avocado trees but they find it difficult but this is something that commercial producers do easily.
  • Most of the fruit from avocadoes that avocado growers get is from the grafted avocado trees and it ensures the production of quality fruits.

“Avocado tree grafting isn’t technically necessary to get fruit to grow. However, grafting can speed up the process of fruit bearing. If you grow an avocado tree from an avocado seed, you’ll have to sit with the seedling for six years before you see any fruit.”

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