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During the fall, when holiday entertaining season is looming, is a good time to spruce up the front of your house which can be done on a low budget. One easy and inexpensive project is to add solar lights which are helpful during the longer dark hours. Painting the front door and updating hardware is another good budget project. You can also fertilize and reseed the lawn. Staining the walkway is a little more involved, but is still inexpensive and can make a great impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider adding solar lights to your walk areas as they are easy to install and require little work to maintain.
  • Another easy project involves improvements to your door or garage that could involve painting or staining.
  • Don’t forget about your lawn or steps as they are both inexpensive ways to really improve the exterior of your home.

“Since the backyard BBQ season will soon be over, this is the time of year to focus more on the front of your home.”

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