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Apple Chlorosis(noticeable by yellowed and dying leaves) is caused by an iron deficiency in the plant. It happens when there is either no little to no iron in the soil for the tree to absorb, or the iron is present in ways that can not be absorbed by the tree. Chlorosis can stunt the ability of a tree to properly photosynthesize and damages its ability to produce fruit. This condition can be remedied by treating the soil; it will take about 10 days for the affected trees to recover.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because pome fruit trees fall prey to many diseases, including the ravages of insects, discovering your tree’s exact problem could take some analysis.
  • For example, leaf-discoloration could be due to stippling, from sucking insects.
  • If, however, your apple trees are the victims of poor nutrition, due to iron- poor soil, they could get Apple Chlorosis, which will adversely affect its health and potential yield.

“Young apple leaves are discolored first and develop the condition worse than older growth.”

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