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Hanging baskets need extra care to prevent them from drying out to quickly and dying. Growing baskets provides a lot of color and you do not need to have great soil to grow the baskets, and you do not have to worry about weeds either. Hanging baskets usually have annuals, if they have perennials they need to be pruned often. Sunny locations require more watering. Baskets do not provide enough soil to hold the water. You can help by lining baskets with plastic or having watering trays underneath the baskets.

Key Takeaways:

  • If not watered enough, flowers for hanging baskets can easily dry out and perish.
  • Dead or damaged plant material should be pruned, as it is taking energy from healthy plant material.
  • Use a hanging basket that is large enough and has good drainage holes.

“Even perennial plants that grow back year after year will need to be replaced or significantly pruned in order to continue growing in a hanging basket after one season.”

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