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American Wisteria Care: How To Grow American Wisteria Plants

America Wisterias are a great addition to brighten up any home due to how resistant they are to various insects and diseases. Thriving best in partial shade, they can successfully grow in almost any room of the house or any garden location. The one area that they do need attention in besides watering, is consistent pruning in order to make sure that they are as healthy as possible, and that they grow at a healthy rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wisteria has blooms that are a beautiful deep purple-blue and foliage that is lovely, lacey and green.
  • Chinese wisteria grows quickly, overtaking other plants and even trees, while the American variant, though equally lovely, is noninvasive.
  • American wisteria is found in the southern part of the country, in moist bottomlands, beside rivers, and in swampy regions.

“A quick search indicates that this plant is not widely available, but it can be ordered online. In areas where it is native, some local nurseries have the plant in cultivation. If you get lucky enough to find the plant, choose a nutrient rich, moist location of the garden.”

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